Lab Instruments and Instructions

AE eBeam Evaporator

Videos SOP

Upright Microscope
Probe Station
NPGS Electron Beam Lithography

Video SOP

Atomic Layer Deposition

Vidoe SOP

10K-500K cryostat for electrical and optical measurement
XeF2 Gas phase Etcher
Jzvac Thermal Evaporator

RIE Plasma Etcher

Magnetron Sputtering System

Nanowire CVD growth furnace

Supercontinuum Laser
SMART PRINT UV Maskless lithography system (Manual)
Olympus X81 Inverted Microscope
MultipalmSens4 Electrochemistry Workstation
CHI 660 Electrochemistry Station
Ultrasonic Emulsifier
ParticleMetrix ZetaView Cell clean and Training Videos
Ball Mill
Ball Mill Machine Focucy V-100

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