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Dr. Tang received BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize

Dr Jinyao TANG of the Department of Chemistry has been announced as a recipient of the prestigious BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize (STIP) for 2023. Dr Tang has been awarded the “STIP in New Materials and New Energy” category, which includes a cash prize of HK$2 million sponsored by the Bank of China (Hong Kong)

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Nature paper published: Active Photochromic Material

Unlike existing colour-changing materials, this new photochromic colloidal swarm relies on rearranging existing pigments rather than generating new chromophores in situ. The research result is recently published on Nature. In nature, the skin of cephalopods (animals with tentacles attached to the head) exhibits unparalleled camouflage ability. Their skin contains pigment groups that can sense changes

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Dr. Tang received the Award as Croucher Senior Research Fellow

Croucher Senior Research Fellowships are awarded to the very best Hong Kong scientists to release them from administrative duties and allow them to spend their time and energy on original research. Dr. Tang has been selected by the Croucher Foundation for the 2022 Croucher Senior Research Fellow.

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