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Postgraduate Student Position Available for 2024 Fall

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic PhD Students interested in nanotechnology to join our team. Since the research is interdisciplinary, a background in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, and Nanofabrication is welcome. Students with strong physics background are particularly encouraged to apply. Please send your CV and letter of application with research interest directly to

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Postdoc Research Fellow Opening for Soft Matter Physics and Active Materials

Experienced researchers with Ph.D. degrees with strong material research backgrounds and physical chemistry backgrounds are welcome to apply. The applicant with research experience in active matter physics and nanomotor research experience is recommended. The expertise in nanodevice and material measurement, including thermoelectric and thermal conductivity, is also preferred. Please send CV and letter of application

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Ph.D. Student Application with GD Lab joint program

Application to Ph.D. study at HKU via the Joint program is Available. The basic requirement is the same as HKU graduate School as shown The interested applicant is suggested to submit the application and inform Dr. Tang about the application. Application deadline: July 31, 2023 Proposed registration date: December 1, 2023 Website of GDLab:

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Exchange Teacher Position Available

The exchange Professor/Lecturer position is available for 1 year exchange period with light teaching duty for Physical Chemistry and Materials Sciences. The recruited teacher will also contribute to the research in the complementary field to the group and can help guild postgraduate students. An applicant with research experience in active matter physics and nanomotor research

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